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JKS CHEM CO., LTD. uses an advanced computer color matching system to provide color pastes of different specifications. The application range involved is too numerous to mention. It is used in a variety of resins. It is of high quality, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is your best choice of raw materials.



Can provide different specifications of color paste, used in a variety of resins, such as PVC resin, epoxy resin, PU resin, acrylic, unsaturated polyester resin ...etc.

Masterbatch cake
Color paste
Color sand
Color chip
Recycled materials COMPOUND


In addition to standard commonly used colors, the customized color matching service also has a fully automatic computer color matching and color difference management system and a top-notch spectrophotometer. We can provide professional color masterbatch or COMPOUND production technology to customize OEM services for customers.

JKS CHEM CO., LTD., JKS CHEM CO., LTD., Color matching
Color matching
JKS CHEM CO., LTD., JKS CHEM CO., LTD., Color masterbatch customization
Color masterbatch customization
JKS CHEM CO., LTD., JKS CHEM CO., LTD., Functional Masterbatch COMPOUND
Functional Masterbatch COMPOUND